The Best Digital Photo Frames To Enjoy And Preserve The Memories Of Your Trips

If you are one of those people who enjoy capturing photographs of family events or trips, but printing them to show them in an album has become uphill because of the high investment that implies, do not worry anymore, through this article you will find out about the best digital photo frames to enjoy and preserve those beautiful memories.

We all know that the technology of digital cameras has changed the way we take photos. If we add to that aspect the universal tendency to use cellular devices to capture selfies, we have an essential number of images in different places and occasions that you would surely like to exhibit at home or in the office.

The ease of editing and deleting the catches that we do not like comes to give a wonderful bonus within the advantages of this new generation equipment. But what to do when we are ready and confident of the digital album we want to share with our family and friends when they visit our home?

Sending by mail all that collection can be an alternative; another would be to visualize them on a screen of your computer or television; However, much more fun, decorative, practical and economical, it is to acquire a digital photo frame.

As we are sure that you have fallen in love with all this experience that these devices can offer you, we invite you to continue reading our suggestions before buying one of these picture framing in Melbourne.

What Is The Best Digital Photo Frame?

The time has come to take a tour through the best digital photo frames.

The selection that we offer here has gone through a critical test carried out both to customers and manufacturers. So you can be sure, that the range of your electronic equipment, will be based on the balance of aesthetic qualities, cost, and quality.

Seed Nixplay 7 WiFi

Ideal for exchanging and downloading images via Wi-Fi

The Seed Nixplay frame is the ideal accessory to share your photos with family and friends and serves as storage for your beautiful prints.

This device allows you to access your favorite photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, and Google Photos, or download them safely to the cloud of the free application of Nixplay – the world leader in the manufacture of digital photo frames.

You can synchronize up to 5 frames and enjoy 10 GB of photo storage. If you join the account plus you will get 30 Gigabyte for the collection of your images. You can create photo playlists and customize them using titles.

OLDTIME 12 “- Digital photo frame with motion sensor

For a multifunctional experience, recommended for the whole family

Another of the versatile devices that we want to show you are those manufactured by the old-time brand.

Conceived not only to store photos but has a multimedia component, capable of playing the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, MP •, WMA, AVI, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2 / MP42 / 4.

You can even visualize e-books and enjoy reading magazines, books or any other file that is compatible with reading formats.

The digital album has a built-in memory of 8 GB, being compatible with other storage gadgets up to 32 Gigabyte.

When you make presentations of your photos through slides, you can adjust the time interval at your convenience; it is also provided with speakers to add a distinctive musical nuance.

It incorporates a remote control, as well as a digital clock and calendar. It has a motion sensor that allows an automatic shutdown.

Its 13.3 “liquid crystal display has a resolution of 1280 x 800; It is provided with two slots for storage MMC and SD cards, two ports for micro and USB, and allows the connection of headphones.

Five unique photo framing ideas for wall decoration

When you think of decorating your wall, the most popular way is having your favourite photos hanging on your wall. Once you have selected the photos, the next step is choosing the right picture frames – the pens that would enhance your photos making them ture pieces of artwork.

The good news is, choosing the right picture frame is now easy. You can go for traditional picture frame designs while you can also opt to have personalised picture frames.But first, let us take a look at the types of picture frames available in the market.

  • Wooden picture frames

This is the most popular type of picture frame. It’s a natural material that offers both a classic feel and warmth. Wood comes in a wide range of colours, from light to dark therefore you’ll have a lot of options. You can either complement your picture or choose a colour that would bring contrast to the photo.

  • Metallic Picture Frame

Metallic frames have a trendy and modern vibe to it. It has the ability to uplift the photo making it more attractive and vibrant. Metallic frames are classy to look at and they blend well with wedding photos, family portraits and landscapes.

  •  Bamboo Picture Frames

Bamboo farmers may not be an ideal material but if you are going for a rustic look, then bamboo would make a great frame. Bamboos are sturdy and flexible. It can look casual or urban depending on your preferred designs. Many people choose this type of material because it is environmentally friendly.

Choosing the right picture frames can enhance the overall look of not only your photos but as well as the interior look of your home. 

The art of picture framing can be simple but also can be complicated. It requires the right amount of attention before you can finally achieve the look you wanted. Choosing designs can sometimes make or break the overall look you are aiming for. Remember, the key is in the details.

If you think that decorating your wall with picture frames is too old fashioned then maybe it’s because of the traditional designs you often see everywhere. You can easily solve this by creating your own unique designs. So here are some brilliant ideas of picture frame designs that you can place in your wall.

  1. Ordinary Picture Frame – if you love simple and thin frames, then you can go for an ordinary look. Just because it’s ordinary doesn’t mean it’s not lovely. Ordinary designed frames are simple traditional but outstanding picture frames which can make the picture stand out because the frame has nothing that distracts the viewer. These frames work well with any picture and it will make them a simple but beautiful piece of art. 
  1. Overlapping Picture Frames – sometimes called layered picture frames. This is usually used if you want to display a set or group of pictures to tell a story. More often than not, these have bigger sizes compared to the usual frames. Overlapping picture frames can really add more interest to what could be a fairly simple display on your wall.
  1. Laser cut Picture frames – create your own personalised design with laser cut picture frames. You are free to use any graphic and have it engraved by timber engraving in sydney to create a unique design that best suits your needs and also that will show your personality. For example, if you are planning to display your wedding photo, then you can have a frame that is laser cut to form a wedding bell design. This is ideal if you are going for matching pieces of artwork.
  1. Oversized picture frames – it is a modern way of displaying photos. The size is intentionally made larger to make a dramatic statement.If you want to go for a sleek design, you can have a picture frame that is made from acrylic material. If you are going for a rustic look, you can choose a wood large frame and highlight its imperfection to make a unique look.
  1. Round frames – you should not limit yourself to the traditional rectangular frame or square ones. Round frames can also be an option.It’s not that hard nowadays because there are professional framers who can customise picture frame designs according to your preferred shapes. As far as recycling goes, you can turn old round mirrors into frames once you pop out their mirror glass and enhance the look by adding some details.

Picture frames are just as important as the photos itself so don’t ignore it. Take your time as much as possible and not rush into selecting frames. You may end up choosing frames that are poorly designed and eventually ruin the beauty of not only your photos but also the wall design itself. It can be challenging at times but look at it as an opportunity to play around and enhance your decorating skills.

When it comes to picture framing, the most important thing you should remember is it should compliment the photo. You do not want the frame to take away the spotlight from the piece that you wanted to showcase. Pictures you put on your walls are pieces of artworks and by using picture frames, you ‘ll be able to show your sense of style as well as your personality. Therefore, the picture frame that you choose should give emphasis to your photos in a nice way. It’s like picture frames act as the stage for someone who wanted to showcase their talent.

Care Of The Digital Frame

Dust, heat and direct sunlight are the main elements that can cause the wear of your frame’s electronics.

Therefore we recommend you:

  • Clean the frame and the screen with a damp and lint-free cloth to remove dust.
  • Use compressed air to blow dust away from the slots for memory cards and other openings.
  • Do not install the digital photo frame where sunlight hits you directly. That could seriously affect the liquid crystal display.
  •  If the digital frame gets too hot, turn it off for a few hours to let it cool.

What Can Digital Photo Frames Do?

Any digital photo frame can display JPEG images. Some even formats like BMP and TIFF.

However, the most attractive features are the incorporation of mono or stereo speakers and the reproduction of sound files such as MP3 and WAV.

So be prepared to offer an incredible experience to your guests, when you reproduce the photos of your trips or a children’s celebration accompanied by your favorite soundtrack.

What Is The Size Of The Digital Frames?

There are no standard sizes for these devices; Some have been made as small as 1.5 “, but also so big, entering the range of 19 to 32”.

The smaller digital frames are designed to be used as key rings and usually have a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

The following format is 2.8 inches, and they work very well to be stored in a bag or briefcase. They are ideal for displaying photos of your children or grandchildren, or if you are vacationing in a summer house. Its resolution is 320 x 240 pixels.

The 3.5 “ones are ideal for favorite images, and their size is perfect for placing them on a bedside table in the bedroom.

Then you can find the 8, 9 and 12 “with variable resolutions that start from 800 x 600 pixels and more, and some models can offer a wider aspect ratio.

Finally, there are the huge ones, that is to say, those that measure 15, 19 and even up to 32 “offering you a good quality of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The latter are the ideal ones to display a photomontage of landscaping, works of art and even the portraits of your loved ones captured by the lens of professionals.

How To Load The Images?

The most basic of this type of devices contain a certain amount of internal memory and a USB port. So you have to connect the digital frame to a computer through that bus. Once it is detected, you can drag and drop the images of your preference.

This internal storage capacity can vary from 8 MB to about 4 GB.

In other occasions, your favorite gadget has been designed with a flash drive, so you can connect your USB directly transferring the files that interest you.

Other models of these digital photo frames have an integrated card reader that is compatible with SD, CF, SDHC, MMC, MS Pro, MS Duo.

Likewise, many of these devices have wireless or Bluetooth connectivity, which allows linking the frame to a home network, another computer, iPad or mobile phone.